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Unionfab is Asia’s Largest 3D Printing Manufacturing Company for Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Production Parts.

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UnionFab shares secrets of “lightning-fast” 3D printing services

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In 2014, UnionFab was created to meet market needs and began to offer 3D printing services. Fast-forward to the present day, and UnionFab now has the largest 3D printing factory in China. Over 450 industrial 3D printers are harnessed to serve some 40,000 customers. I caught up with Allen Yang, UnionFab CEO, to understand how the company has grown so fast and can now serve major customers, including Tesla and Huwai, and also to get an inside perspective on current trends in 3D printing.

From the start of UnionFab, “we focused on technique and how to improve the quality and efficiency and speed of 3D printing,” says Allen Yang. “We have the biggest technical team in China, who have figured out how to improve speed, quality, and service,” he adds. Indeed since beginning to offer 3D printing services to international clients in 2021, UnionFab has over a thousand satisfied customers.

3D printing services are not confined to polymers alone. Four years ago, UnionFab began offering metal 3D printing and has developed the techniques to post-process, including with CNC systems, metal parts, and ensure high resolution and good tolerances. Turnaround on small volume metal 3D print orders have a very fast turnaround time – for orders of less than one hundred parts, this is between 2 to 4 days. The UnionFab CEO is keen to assure me that speed is not at expense of quality.

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