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IoT and Industry 4.0: Zerynth raises a €5.3 million round led by United Ventures


Topics: Funding Event

Organizations: Zerynth, United Ventures

Zerynth, the Italian startup, spin-off of the University of Pisa, that supports companies in digitizing production processes and developing connected industrial products through Industrial IoT solutions, announces a €5.3 million investment round led by United Ventures, the Italian venture capital fund specializing in investments in technology startups.

The funding will support the company’s domestic and international expansion for the next three years. Resources will also be invested to hire new talent and strengthen the team to support product development and enhancement, including the introduction of new features of the Industrial IoT app leveraging the opportunities of IoT and AI technologies; finally, part of the resources will be dedicated to establishing new strategic partnerships with major players in the industrial field.

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