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UrsaLeo offers a solution for companies focused on net zero efforts through building decarbonization or emissions detection. The company’s Gemini solution is a digital twin platform that marries real-time data streams, mixed reality, and the power of gaming. Through the use of visual reporting, advanced visualizations, and remote collaboration, the platform breathes life into digital twins and informs users of risk or failure immediately. As an industrial metaverse technology, Gemini is a user-friendly, hardware agnostic, cloud-based solution that requires no training and has an immediate impact on operations.

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Should the metaverse matter to me?

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✍️ Author: Angie Sticher

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Combining digital twins with IIoT applications in a factory or on a job site garners what may be referred to as the Industrial metaverse. Although providing value of themselves, digital twins are most powerful when combined and used across multiple industries to improve processes, monitor equipment, conduct predictive maintenance and train employees.

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Gemini - Collaboration using Augmented Reality