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Valiant TMS and Realtime Robotics Partner to Reduce a Customer's Cycle Time by 17% and Cut Programming Time in Half

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Realtime Robotics, the leader in collision-free autonomous motion planning for industrial robots, today announced that Valiant TMS, a full-service Industry 4.0 system integrator, has partnered with the company to apply its innovative Optimization-as-a-Service solution to customers’ manufacturing operations.

The combination of Valiant TMS’ years of manufacturing industry expertise with Realtime Robotics’ proprietary optimization software and experienced robotics engineering insights presents customers with an easy way to improve the efficiency and productivity of their automation operations. Realtime’s solution rapidly generates and tests hundreds of thousands of potential robot paths, determining the best motion sequences based on target sequences, robot reach, and other customer-desired parameters.

In fact, in a recently completed multi-robot application, Valiant TMS used Realtime’s optimization solution to design motion plans with more efficient motion paths, better interlocks, and a faster execution time, ultimately reducing a customer’s robot cycle time by 17% and cutting robot programming time in half.

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