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Veo Robotics is simplifying one of the hardest challenges in manufacturing: human-machine collaboration. Our mission is to make manufacturing flexible from the workcell to the entire factory.

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Assembly Line

Veo Robotics’ 2022 Manufacturing Automation Outlook


Topics: Industrial Robot

Organizations: Veo Robotics

To optimize their investments, manufacturers must create an environment conducive to this new hybrid workplace. To do this, manufacturers must create environments where robots and humans can work nearby as collaborators to optimize space and increase productivity. Ironically, however, as manufacturers are increasingly seeking ways to automate their processes, antiquated safeguarding measures are, in many cases, hindering their ability to embrace it fully.

In fact, manufacturers surveyed by Veo cited many areas that they would like to automate but cannot because of safeguarding complexities or obstructions. Areas mentioned include, operator load stations (24%) welding & soldering (18%), primary packaging (17%) and palletizing/depalletizing (13%).

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Improving Cycle Time with Veo FreeMove – Estimating the Benefits with a General Example


Author: Alberto Moel

Topics: robotics, cobot

Organizations: Veo Robotics

In our model, the design and operation of the application will determine how and how often the human and robot will collaborate. At one extreme, there is no collaboration, and the application runs unattended throughout the operating cycle. At the other end, human interactions can occur multiple times a cycle, as in a parts presentation for assembly application. We concluded that the shorter the cycle time and the more frequent the required human interaction the more collaborative the application.

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