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Material World: A Greener and Smarter Future for Textile Production

📅 Date:

✍️ Author: Abigail Saltmarsh

🔖 Topics: sustainability, recycling

🏭 Vertical: Textile

🏢 Organizations: Verteego, SoftWear Automation

The environmental impact of textile production is well documented, with the industry as a whole ranking second only to oil in terms of global pollution levels. Massive energy and water use, together with sky-high levels of discarded chemicals and landfill waste are all key drivers in the calls for closed-loop production.

“3D design packages help designers optimize materials and design for minimal or zero waste, for example through lay efficiencies when laying pattern pieces out, or through calculating how to knit a garment in one piece without any yarn waste. Smart processes can also influence sourcing and supply strategies, for example through using computer algorithms to predicts waste or production inefficiencies, or fabric performance issues.”

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