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Verusen is leading a new era of supply chain by shifting the landscape of how global organizations approach their materials management strategy. Our team is built to solve your materials management challenges.

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Announcing Verusen’s $25M Series B Funding


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Verusen announced its Series B Funding of $25 Million and we welcomed a new investor, Scale Venture Partners as an addition to our Board and team. The news comes on the heels of our Series A and the event marks an exciting time in our history (to say the least). In just one year, we have tripled our customer base, achieving 10X growth. We have established new headquarters in Atlanta’s Tech Square, and our wonderful offices in #SupplyChainCity give us the location and space to move faster than ever before.

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What is Indirect Material Optimization, and How Can It Turbocharge Your Supply Chain?


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The problem of poor indirect material management stems partly from the inability of legacy and manual data management systems to quantify and measure indirect materials. These systems focus on the movement of trackable, direct materials but often ignore the indirect materials that are not utilized in the finished product.

This problem is further compounded by the fact that some organizations may not have internal controls in place to categorize and attach value to indirect spending. There might also be a lack of employee education about how and why indirect materials must be managed.

Industry analysts estimate that US manufacturers could save over $5 trillion annually just by optimizing their indirect material management processes.

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