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Get AI-assisted visualizations and predictions that point at the opportunity to act, whether you’re untangling a medical mystery, putting new treatment into action, or working to improve patient care. Get proactive analytics that simplify the complexity of your operations and help you keep things running smoothly, delivering quality products on time and without costly inefficiencies.

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Breaking the limits of data exploration

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Intelligent Exploration is the practice of using AI to explore and understand data. Many data scientists focus on throwing a lot of data at a problem and applying supervised ML techniques to sort it out. While this feels efficient, the number of failed AI projects–a number that has only inched up 2% in two years–would say that it’s not. But doing good, thoughtful exploratory analysis with the aid of AI purpose-built to do just that will de-risk projects and lead to more trusted outcomes.

Research has shown that information presented in 3D give consumers a 23% boost in understanding. When you’re trying to work with business stakeholders and get everyone on board with an AI solution that rests on the interplay between a number of different data points, that understanding boost is critical. You need your business and your stakeholders to understand, provide useful context, and ultimately buy-in to your initiative.

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Virtualitics’ integration with Databricks sorts out what’s under the surface of your data lake

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Databricks users can benefit from Virtualitics’ multi-user interface because it can enable hundreds more people across the business to get value from complex datasets, instead of a small team of expert data scientists. Analysts and citizen data scientists can do self-serve data exploration by querying large datasets with the ease of typing in question and AI-guided exploration instead of writing lines of code. Business decision makers get their hands on AI-generated insights that can help them take smart, predictive actions.

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