Yamazaki Rice

Assembly Line

AI farming tool from BASF finds fertile ground in Japan's rice country

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✍️ Author: Taito Kurose

🔖 Topics: Machine Learning

🏭 Vertical: Agriculture

🏢 Organizations: BASF, Yamazaki Rice

Yamazaki Rice, based near Tokyo in Saitama prefecture, began using BASF’s Xarvio Field Manager system this year with five workers on about 100 hectares of land.

Xarvio provides real-time analysis informed by satellite and weather data. Automated maps customize the amount of fertilizer recommended for each section of the farm. The data is fed to GPS-equipped farm equipment. The AI gives daily suggestions that Yamazaki Rice’s president said helped improve yields by up to 25% in some fields. Xarvio’s machine learning covers more than 10 years of crop data as well as scientific papers worldwide.

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