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Fukuoka, Japan

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Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of AC Inverter Drives, Servo and Motion Control, and Robotics Automation Systems. Products are marketed through direct sales, partners, representatives, dealers, and distributors. Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives & Motion Division is a wholly-owned corporation of Yaskawa Electric Corporation of Japan. Since 1915, Yaskawa Electric has served the world needs for products to improve global productivity through Automation.

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Rethinking Your Approach for How you Purchase Automation

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The past 20 years have seen a transformation in new automation components and in the way that they are designed and applied. Consider a variable frequency drive that operates a motor at a different speed depending on the needs of the application, instead of constantly running all out. Today, VFDs have become specialized for particular industries and packed with more functionality that makes them easier to integrate and operate for specific applications. Open network communications and industry standards have enabled automation manufacturers to design their products to be more interoperable with those of their competitors.

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You're Hired: Recruiting Mobile Robots

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✍️ Author: Beth Stackpole

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While industrial robots have been part of the automation mix for decades, key advances in sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), software, machine vision, and light detection and ranging (LiDAR), among other technologies, are coalescing to empower an emerging category of more capable mobile and collaborative robots that are easier to program, less expensive to deploy, and far more flexible in the kinds of tasks they can perform.

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