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Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of AC Inverter Drives, Servo and Motion Control, and Robotics Automation Systems. Products are marketed through direct sales, partners, representatives, dealers, and distributors. Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives & Motion Division is a wholly-owned corporation of Yaskawa Electric Corporation of Japan. Since 1915, Yaskawa Electric has served the world needs for products to improve global productivity through Automation.

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Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.-Akashi Mega DC

umati has new partner Yaskawa Europe GmbH

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: umati, Yaskawa

It is in Yaskawa’s DNA to focus on partnership. In robotics, this is completely normal and has been practised for a long time. After all, a robot always works together with other devices. And the better an interface works, the easier it is to set up and the more precise or reliable it is, the better the overall result and thus customer satisfaction. For us, umati is an opportunity to be at the forefront of establishing standard interfaces and to make it easier for all partners or users of umati to use our robots.

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OnRobot D:PLOY now compatible with Yaskawa

Yaskawa Partners with US Based Start-Up Oishii on Plant Factory Automation

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Yaskawa, Oishii

Yaskawa announced today that it reached a capital and business alliance with Oishii Farm Corporation on May 30. The purpose of this partnership is to become a global leader in automation in the agricultural and food fields by providing Oishii plant factories with automation systems based on the solution concept “i³-Mechatronics” promoted by Yaskawa, and to contribute toward realizing a sustainable society through the stable food supply.

On the other hand, one of the main strategies of Yaskawa’s new mid-term business plan, Realize 25, focuses on expanding business in the applicable field of mechatronics, and we are intensifying initiatives to apply the factory automation expertise in the agricultural and food fields. The Group company, FAMS Corporation, also develops and distributes the plant factory system called Agrine, which applies these technologies.

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AFRL successfully field-tests AI robot to improve DAF manufacturing capability

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🔖 Topics: Robotic Blacksmithing

🏢 Organizations: US Air Force, CapSen Robotics, Yaskawa, Ohio State University

Researchers from the Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, have combined efforts with The Ohio State University, or OSU, and industry partners CapSen Robotics and Yaskawa Motoman to successfully demonstrate an autonomous robotic incremental metal forming prototype at the Warner-Robins Air Logistics Complex, or WR-ALC, a tenant of Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, in late January 2023. The artificially intelligent system, nicknamed AI-FORGE, was funded primarily by the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, or ARM, Institute, and promises to not only improve aircraft readiness for the U.S. Department of the Air Force but also to significantly impact the future of metamorphic manufacturing, also called robotic blacksmithing.

“There is an immediate need to obtain customized forged components that we might only require a few of, but which have significant lead times,” said Dr. Sean Donegan, digital manufacturing research team lead, AFRL’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. “In the near future, this system will allow us to acquire the specific auxiliary components and tools that are required to successfully support DAF missions. But in the far term, we want to be able to make almost anything.

AI-FORGE uses incremental forming, a heat-assisted metalworking process that permits users to manufacture small lots of customized manufactured parts for military aircraft. The addition of artificially intelligent software allows the robotic system to make significant forming decisions on its own without the need for a human operator, offering near-term cost- and time-saving benefits as well as an improved ability to replace hard-to-find aircraft structural parts. ”

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How ChatGPT Programmed an Industrial Robot

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🔖 Topics: Industrial Robot, ChatGPT, Large Language Model

🏢 Organizations: ABAGY, Yaskawa

Our initial challenge for ChatGPT involved programming the Yaskawa robot to perform a wire cut. This is a very simple task. However, ChatGPT isn’t intrinsically familiar with the INFORM programming language, which is integral to Yaskawa robots. As such, our first step was to delineate the fundamental commands of this language.

Furthermore, ChatGPT had no understanding of the physical robot, its movements, or the typical process of wire-cutting. To address this, we established several coordinates using the robot’s teach pendant and outlined the basic principles of operation.

With these prerequisites met, we put forward our request for ChatGPT to create the required program. The AI successfully rose to the challenge, generating a program that we then transferred to the robot for a test run. The outcome was encouraging, with the robot effectively performing the wire-cutting task as directed.

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Deploying a Robotic Workforce: Universal Robots and Yaskawa Motoman Partner with RaaS Company

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Universal Robots, Yaskawa, Rapid Robotics

Universal Robots and Yaskawa Motoman partnered with the Robotics as a Service (RaaS) company Rapid Robotics earlier this month to deliver robotic automation to a greater market share.

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Rethinking Your Approach for How you Purchase Automation

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🏢 Organizations: Yaskawa

The past 20 years have seen a transformation in new automation components and in the way that they are designed and applied. Consider a variable frequency drive that operates a motor at a different speed depending on the needs of the application, instead of constantly running all out. Today, VFDs have become specialized for particular industries and packed with more functionality that makes them easier to integrate and operate for specific applications. Open network communications and industry standards have enabled automation manufacturers to design their products to be more interoperable with those of their competitors.

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You're Hired: Recruiting Mobile Robots

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✍️ Author: Beth Stackpole

🔖 Topics: robotics

🏢 Organizations: Fetch Robotics, InVia Robotics, ROEQ, Universal Robots, Yaskawa

While industrial robots have been part of the automation mix for decades, key advances in sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), software, machine vision, and light detection and ranging (LiDAR), among other technologies, are coalescing to empower an emerging category of more capable mobile and collaborative robots that are easier to program, less expensive to deploy, and far more flexible in the kinds of tasks they can perform.

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Yaskawa and Phoenix Contact Announce Partnership Collaboration to develop next generation machine controller and PLC Platform

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🔖 Topics: Programmable Logic Controller, Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Yaskawa, Phoenix Contact

Yaskawa, a manufacturer of motion control, robotics, and variable speed drives and Phoenix Contact, a manufacturer of automation solutions are proud to announce an agreement to utilize PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact in the development of the next generation machine controller and PLC platform realizing the i³-Mechatronics solution concept lead by Yaskawa.

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