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Young Guns shoot for AI automated shipping container

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“There is a significant drive from leading retailers internationally to innovate within their supply chain transformation strategies – predictability, visibility, and productivity will be a key component in these transformations, and we believe our shipping container innovation will create opportunities for this to occur at the container face that are not currently availability in the industry.”

The team mocked up their distribution centre, containers, and the Polaris product in a 3D CAD (computer-aided design) model, and transitioned the data into an augmented reality environment in HoloLens. The simulation used in the development of Polaris tracks the actions and interaction of each aspect of container de-stuffing. Each unpacker, forklift, container, and pallet are represented as an agent within a distribution centre. “We showed what the product would look like at various stages of utilisation in the distribution centre,” Kelly said. “We had YGCC’s frontline team come in and they could put the headsets on, and they could walk around in the virtual future distribution centre environment with two people at a time. “They could discuss what it would be like to use the device in different stages and get a feel for it and what it’s trying to do. That was hugely beneficial for them in terms of being able to engage with what the device is, because they didn’t just have to imagine being with it, they could actually be with it.”

“Waste time in the form of movement and waiting can be reduced from 25 down to 5 per cent,” Mr Kelly said. “Allocating the correct number of workers per stock type is important in achieving these improvements.”

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