Asset Administration Shell

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The Digital Twin takes the first steps with the development of AAS

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🔖 Topics: Digital Twin, Asset Administration Shell

An Asset Administration Shell or AAS is a virtual representation of such an asset consisting of a series of sub-models, made up of various properties, in which all the information and functionalities of the asset are described. The following figure exemplifies the concept starting from an electrical axis as an asset, in which two examples of sub-models for specific functionalities can be seen with their associated properties: energy efficiency and positioning mode.

In addition to this virtual representation and modelling, the AAS also allows communication through standard interfaces and models, using technologies such as OPC-UA, AutomationML or REST APIs for interaction with each other or with external entities not modelled with AAS. This facilitates the interoperability of Digital Twins by means of open languages, understandable by all interested parties.

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