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Solving the Last Mile of Autonomous Farming

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🔖 Topics: Autonomous Driving

🏢 Organizations: SparkAI, John Deere

SparkAI is the first to generalize a solution we originally developed to help self-driving cars overcome unexpected driving scenarios, and make it available to the wider universe of automation applications. We combine people and technology in a lightweight API that resolves machine learning exceptions in real-time.

Here’s how it works: in moments of low-confidence, the autonomous tractor automatically calls SparkAI’s service, passing imagery and other metadata via REST API. SparkAI’s objective is to resolve difficult-to-discern details about the scene to support a real-time decision. We do this by combining two key components in real-time: (1) cognitive input from multiple human mission specialists trained for the use case, and (2) results from our own proprietary software-based decision systems. SparkAI returns this resolution directly to the robot. The robot then combines this resolution with its pre-existing knowledge of the world to decide on a safe and confident action.

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