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🧠🤖 Optimising Intralogistics with AI

📅 Date:

🔖 Topics: Intralogistics, Automated Guided Vehicle, AutoQML, Quantum Computing

🏢 Organizations: KEB Automation, Fraunhofer IAO

In its production facilities in Barntrup, KEB operates the in-house transport system AGILOX, which is designed specifically for intralogistics tasks. The AGILOX system is comprised of a swarm (union) of smart automated guided vehicles (AGVs), working collaboratively to transport items throughout KEB’s warehouses.

In AutoQML – a project that develops solution approaches for linking quantum computing and machine learning – KEBs primary objective is to devise a machine learning solution capable of monitoring vehicle status and predicting potential failures. This aligns with KEBs larger objective of facilitating the broader transition to quantum computing in the future, by supporting research institutes with practical, real-world applications.

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