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How Construction Robotics Are Transforming Risk Management

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✍️ Author: Mark de Wolf

🔖 Topics: Building Information Management, robotics

🏭 Vertical: Construction

🏢 Organizations: Scaled Robotics, Autodesk

“We’re starting to move away from purely tackling deviations on the site,” Maggs says. “It’s obviously valuable to define problems, but the quicker you find a deviation, the more valuable that data is. The destructive impact of a deviation increases the longer it goes unnoticed.

“Finding an off-spec element late in the game can be damaging for the project, so we’re moving more towards risk mitigation and risk allocations,” he continues. “We can also analyze data to identify trends within the construction process and then deliver back insights. That’s much more valuable than raw data alone. It’s providing actionable information around project risks that can help mitigate them.”

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