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AI is revolutionising the biggest industry you’ve never heard of

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✍️ Author: Tim Smith

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🏢 Organizations: CloudNC

To program a machine to cut a metal part from a raw block, a trained professional has to input up to 4k operational instructions, covering everything from what type of cutting tool to use, to what pattern it should follow, to how quickly it should cut, and so on.

CloudNC is using AI to fast-track this process, automatically programming those instructions to get the system around 80% of the way before an expert operator steps in for the finishing touches.

Saville says that his company’s tech can save a worker around five hours of work per part they’re designing, allowing factories to meet demand quicker, as well as addressing a shrinking workforce that very few young people are joining.

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Safeguarding CNC Machines in Networked IT/OT Environments

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✍️ Author: Danny Weller

🔖 Topics: Cybersecurity, IT OT Convergence, CNC Machining

🏢 Organizations: AMFG

In a networked IT/OT environment, threats can infiltrate CNC machines even without direct access from an attacker. IT users engaging with vulnerable websites or falling victim to phishing emails can introduce threats into the corporate network, ultimately spreading to the OT side and affecting individual machines.

To safeguard CNC machines in networked IT/OT environments, several immediate steps can be implemented. Firstly, conducting a comprehensive inventory of all CNC tools is essential to maintain a clear and up-to-date understanding of the network’s composition. Segregating the CNC machine network into its own segment is advisable, allowing for more straightforward monitoring of traffic flows, with the ability to cut off access if necessary. Additionally, deploying intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and firewalls adds an extra layer of protection to enhance overall security.

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Hadrian Automation’s CEO wants to defy history and revitalize American industry

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✍️ Author: Aria Alamalhodaei

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Hadrian is targeting high-precision CNC machining, a manufacturing process where parts frequently require tolerances down to the micron level (a single human hair is anywhere from 50-120 microns in thickness). Power said the company is focused on automating the core, labor-intensive steps that start when the customer orders a part to that part being shipped — which includes programming the CNC cutting and inspection machines but extends well beyond that, to many other aspects of factory operations: scheduling, task management, paperwork.

The idea is to leverage software as much as possible up to around 80-90%, and leave the rest to humans, possibly forever; according to Power, this strategy still gives humans what are essentially superpowers without having to wait years to solve the hardest problems.

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Protolabs Unveils Advanced Capabilities and Volume Pricing through Digital Network of Global Manufacturers

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🔖 Topics: Cloud Manufacturing, CNC machining, Injection molding, 3D printing, Fused deposition modeling

🏢 Organizations: Protolabs

Digital manufacturing leader Protolabs (NYSE: PRLB) has significantly expanded its manufacturing capabilities and pricing options available to designers, engineers, and buyers worldwide. By leveraging the company’s digital network of manufacturers at Hubs, customers can access advanced capabilities, reduce part cost, and increase part quantities across CNC machining, injection molding, and 3D printing services. The expansion complements the low-volume, on-demand manufacturing services already available from Protolabs.

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