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How CT Data Analysis is helping TE Connectivity Reach Their Ultimate Goal of End-to-End Quality Inspection

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πŸ”– Topics: Computed Tomography, Metrology

🏒 Organizations: TE Connectivity, Volume Graphics

As impressive as interconnected digital-platform benefits are for traditional CAD/CAE/CAM disciplines, Computed Tomography (CT)-data analysis for quality inspection has greatly expanded its reach and purpose within today’s growing digital landscape. Its new influence on the central tools of design, simulation and manufacturing are significant; CT data analysis software is making these tools, normally used well upstream of it, even better in their roles.

β€œWe are on target for a ten-day turnaround for design, simulation, scanning and producing a digital metrology report,” says Stokowski. β€œSo much is now going on upfront. We want as much done as possible before we hold a physical part.” Volume Graphics has helped TE Connectivity in this frontloading and looping of data with their Adaptive Measurement Templates. The templates can classify, localize and segment defects using AI and Machine Learning. They also automate much of the scan analysis and then capture information for metrology reports. The goal at TE Connectivity is to lower analysis time from 10 days to five.

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Large-Format Multitasking Simplifies Tube Manufacturing

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✍️ Author: Evan Doran

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🏒 Organizations: FIBA Technologies, Soraluce, Heidenhain

For decades, the shop relied on two three-axis machines to produce the necks and threads for its tubes, but the machines relied on manual programming for each part, a time-consuming process that also required a wealth of experience for smooth operation. Loading and part flipping also proved difficult for these machines β€” after all, the tubes can range from seven to 42 feet long β€” with both operations requiring the use of a large crane. The difficulty of finding people to operate its machines and the lengthy downtime waiting for the crane became bottlenecks for FIBA. Amid increasing demand from companies in the space exploration, alternative fuels and electronics industries, the shop decided to invest in an additional machine that could bypass some of these issues. It found a suitable solution in the Soraluce FLP 14000 multitasking machine.

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