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SIGMA: An open-source mixed-reality system for research on physical task assistance

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✍️ Authors: Dan Bohus, Sean Andrist

🔖 Topics: Connected Worker, Augmented Reality, Open Source

🏢 Organizations: Microsoft

What would it take to build an interactive AI system that could assist you with any task in the physical world, just as a real-time expert would? To begin exploring the core competencies that such a system would require, we developed and released the Situated Interactive Guidance, Monitoring, and Assistance (SIGMA) system, an open-source research platform and testbed prototype for studying mixed-reality task assistance. SIGMA provides a basis for researchers to explore, understand, and develop the capabilities required to enable in-stream task assistance in the physical world.

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Collaboration Platforms to Solve Your Frontline Workforce Challenges

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✍️ Author: Allison Kuhn

🔖 Topics: Connected Worker, Digital Work Instructions

🏢 Organizations: LNS Research

The Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) applications space is diverse, dynamic, and fragmented. Players range from early-stage start-ups backed by venture capital to publicly traded global tech giants. The vendors in this space offer a wide range of products and go-to-market strategies.

CFW initiatives have become a strategic imperative for many as manufacturers seek to solve critical labor shortages, skills gaps, and retention issues in frontline operations. CFW-enabling technology has been proven to help companies meet frontline workforce challenges while optimizing operational performance across safety, quality, and productivity dimensions. However, navigating the relatively immature and highly fragmented CFW Applications market to capture the opportunity fully can be challenging.

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Connected Digital Manufacturing: Cobots and Augmented Reality for Electronics Assembly

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🔖 Topics: Connected Worker, Augmented Reality, Cobot, Digital Work Instructions

🏭 Vertical: Computer and Electronic

🏢 Organizations: LightGuide, KUKA

LightGuide’s industrial augmented reality (AR) work instruction platform seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of digital manufacturing technologies, factory tools, and IO devices, including cobots. Here, LightGuide is integrated with KUKA’s LBR iisy cobot to combine the benefits of industrial automation and digital work instructions to streamline the process of assembling an electrical component.

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🔋 High-Tech Tools Ensure Quality at Battery Manufacturer

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✍️ Author: John Sprovieri

🔖 Topics: Connected Worker

🏢 Organizations: CATL, Desoutter

CATL’s emphasis on state-of-the-art technology extends even to the fastening tools on its assembly lines. From a fastening standpoint, EV batteries pose several challenges. One is high-mix production. Tools must be able to quickly switch between assembly lines. Tools must accommodate a relatively large torque range and be adaptable to diverse tightening requirements.

Desoutter has worked with CATL from the early stages of its development, helping the company to establish robust tightening standards and improve existing tightening processes. Desoutter supplied CATL with a variety of fastening technologies, including the CONNECT platform, Nexonar positioning system, ERS electric screwdrivers, CVI3 controller, and automatic screw feeders.

Desoutter’s Nexonar 3D spatial positioning system uses infrared sensors to accurately monitor and locate fastening tools or the position of an operator’s hands in critical assembly processes to within 1 millimeter. Nexonar ensures that all screws are tightened in the right place, in the intended sequence, and with the appropriate parameters. The system can be retrofit to existing tools. It is able to detect pitch, roll and yaw of the tool. Several hundred trackers can be monitored simultaneously in real-time and with no latency. It can also be used to ensure as accurate part picking, placement and fulfillment in kitting operations.

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