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Ethernet-APL for Evolving Field Devices and the Future of Industrial Ethernet

📅 Date:

✍️ Authors: Taro Endoh, Shuji Kuwahara, Seiichiro Takahashi

🔖 Topics: Ethernet-APL, Industrial Communication

🏢 Organizations: Yokogawa

Communication technologies used in process automation (PA) plants must satisfy several requirements such as long-distance communication and stable operation in hazardous areas. Although 4–20 mA devices and fieldbus devices satisfy these requirements and thus have been used for many years, general-purpose Ethernet technology in PA plants is expected to achieve DX and IT/OT convergence at the field device level. From the viewpoint of standardization, this paper explains how Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer (Ethernet-APL) can meet the requirements of PA plants, shows what benefits Ethernet-APL will bring to PA plants and what challenges are expected to emerge, and describes the prospects and expectations of Yokogawa’s contribution to this field.

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