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Installed Base Platforms – An emerging technology to maximize the Value of Installed Base Data

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✍️ Author: Michael Blumberg

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An industry survey conducted by Blumberg Advisory Group in association with Entytle, highlights that as Industrial OEMs and their channel partners make the transition from being product-oriented to service-oriented companies, one of the significant dependencies that stands out is reliance on Installed base data to make informed decisions.

As Industrials have accrued customer data over decades, no significant efforts have been made to keep the data up to date, organized, and of good quality. The problem is compounded by the fact that about 67% of respondents indicated that their data resides in more than 3-4 systems at any point in time and is disjointed. There is no clear ownership (or one throat to choke) when it comes to Installed base data in any organization.

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