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The future is now: Unlocking the promise of AI in industrials

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✍️ Authors: Kimberly Borden, Mark Huntington, Mithun Kamat, Alex Singla, Joris Wijpkema, Bill Wiseman

🔖 Topics: AI, Manufacturing Analytics, Knowledge Graph

🏢 Organizations: McKinsey

Many executives remain unsure where to apply AI solutions to capture real bottom-line impact. The result has been slow rates of adoption, with many companies taking a wait-and-see approach rather than diving in.

Rather than endlessly contemplate possible applications, executives should set an overall direction and road map and then narrow their focus to areas in which AI can solve specific business problems and create tangible value. As a first step, industrial leaders could gain a better understanding of AI technology and how it can be used to solve specific business problems. They will then be better positioned to begin experimenting with new applications.

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