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It's All About Narrowband IoT

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NB-IoT technology is designed to meet everything that traditional cellular technology has fallen short of, and that is precisely why it is recognized as a technology of the future. 3GPP has identified NB-IoT to be a less expensive option than LTE-M, with the added benefits of extensive range, longevity, and ability to support a large number of devices over just 200 kHz of the spectrum. This means that it is rapidly getting popular among a wide variety of devices, ranging from storage units and wind turbines to smoke detectors and smart parking systems. NB-IoT provides deeper building penetration than LTE-M, which is achieved by low bitrates. It also offers better link budgets for NB-IoT.

NB-IoT has a very narrow bandwidth of 200KHz, and therefore the data peaks at around 250kbps. This feature comes useful in scenarios where lower amounts of data are required to be transmitted at infrequent intervals, mainly over short distances. Because it is designed to operate at low speed, the low power consumption is stressed as a major advantage associated with it. NB-IoT employs two power optimization techniques called PSM(Power Saving Mode) and eDRX (Extended Discontinuous Reception).

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