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Tools Move up the Value Chain to Take the Mystery Out of Vision AI

📅 Date:

✍️ Author: Nitin Dahad

🔖 Topics: AI, machine vision, OpenVINO

🏢 Organizations: Intel, Xilinx

Intel DevCloud for the Edge and Edge Impulse offer cloud-based platforms that take most of the pain points away with easy access to the latest tools and software. While Xilinx and others have started offering complete systems-on-module with production-ready applications that can be deployed with tools at a higher level of abstraction, removing the need for some of the more specialist skills.

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Intel Accelerates AI for Industrial Applications

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✍️ Author: Brian McCarson

🔖 Topics: AI, IIoT, PyTorch, OpenVINO, edge computing

🏢 Organizations: Intel

The human eye can correct for different lighting conditions easily. However, images collected by camera can naturally vary in intensity and contrast if background lighting varies as well. We’ve seen scale challenges observed by factories trying to deploy AI for defect detection based on the exact same hardware, software and algorithm deployed on different machines on the factory floor. Sometimes it took months for factory managers and data scientists to find out why they were getting great results on one machine with high accuracy, low false positive and false negative rates, while on the next machine over the AI application would crash.

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