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Preventing Escapes in Luxury Goods Manufacturing With Apps

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There are two main causes of escapes. The first is a quality issue in a manufacturer’s production line — and the second is a lack of material and production data to detect and mitigate these quality issues in real time. Quality issues occur in your production line when your workers follow inconsistent processes and turn out variances of the same product. Another reason why escapes occur is the inability to detect quality issues early on, most commonly due to a lack of operational and material tracking data.

Unlike many other sectors, luxury goods manufacturing has a highly manual production process. After all, it’s the handmade quality that attracts buyers and justifies the premium price. While manufacturers need to maintain the human element in their production process, they also need to solve the challenge of inconsistent quality and late detection of defects. By adopting digital tools such as digital work instructions, luxury goods manufacturers can start building human-centric operations in which technologies serve to augment their employees’ skills — enabling them to work faster, better, and more efficiently.

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