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🇩🇪 Continental Backs Digital Factory for Auto Parts Production

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✍️ Author: Paul Myles

🔖 Topics: Virtual Commissioning

🏢 Organizations: Continental

Continental is leading a consortium of production specialists in a bid to make automotive component production a fully digital process. The Tier 1 supplier is one of eight IT and process optimization companies, universities and specialist start-ups taking part in a project dubbed “Digitalization of the Industrialization Process in the Automotive and Supplier Industries” (DIAZI) funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

The DIAZI project promotes the notion of the “digital factory” which could see new production plants started up virtually before commissioning. Employing artificial intelligence, this step could make it possible to continuously improve processes, make accurate productivity predictions and reduce downtime owing to in-depth data analysis of all machines involved. In this way, production plants of a company, as well as suppliers’ production sites, can be digitally connected for fast, scalable and high-quality production.

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