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Agility Robotics Brings Operational Visibility to Deployment of Digit Fleets with the Launch of Agility Arcβ„’

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In its first iteration, Agility Arc will provide customers with operational visibility into critical KPIs like uptime, throughput, Mean Time Between Incidents (MTBI), and robot status, allowing customers to understand what’s happening in the workcell and how Digit is performing. Additionally, Agility Arc will provide industry standard APIs to simplify integration with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) among others.

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High precision & high speed automation to form needles for medical device manufacturing

Realtime Robotics and HLS Partner to Rapidly Optimize Manufacturing

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✍️ Author: Stephanie Leonida

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Following the release of its Optimization-as-a-Service (OaaS) solution, Realtime Robotics has announced a partnership with integrated engineering solutions mogul HLS Engineering Group. Realtime will combine its well-orchestrated robotic motion control expertise with HLS’ engineering know-how to enhance the OaaS solution. Through virtual modeling, automated robot path generation, and evaluation, manufacturers can use the OaaS solution to implement robot path changes without disrupting existing processes.

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Introducing TwinBox: RoboDK’s Compact Solution for Production Robot Integration

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RoboDK TwinBox represents the latest step in production robot programming for automation engineers. This compact system, launched in November 2023, integrates pre-installed RoboDK software into industrial PCs and small single-board computers or IPCs. RoboDK TwinBox can manage multiple devices and robots from various manufacturers simultaneously in a production environment. TwinBox can be easily controlled through a web browser, allowing you to trigger actions remotely and have a 3D view of your cell.

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Optimizing Multi-Robot Workcell Performance

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✍️ Author: Dan Sorin

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🏒 Organizations: Realtime Robotics

What distinguishes the many possible designs? In a good design, every robot spends approximately the same amount of time per cycle; we want to avoid having some robots idle while others are still working. Similarly, in a good design, every robot is able to move without spending much time either waiting for other robots to move out of its way or taking a non-optimal path so as to avoid other robots. The goal of a design is to enable high-performance choreography of the robots.

Our team has developed Optimization-as-a-Service (OaaS), which uses a proprietary algorithm to find high-performing design options that would otherwise take months to be discovered by a team of engineers. We have obtained speedups of 5-20 percent using our OaaS (discussed later), compared to designs that were laboriously developed by experienced engineers. This result highlights that design is both very difficult and very important

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