Printing Michelangelo’s David and Scaling Industry 4.0


Visual Inspection

Michelangelo's David faithfully recreated using 3D technology during Florence lockdown

Electrifying autos with a First look inside Lucid Motors’ new factory in Casa Grande, Arizona and How Tesla Builds Batteries So Fast.

Acoustic Monitoring

Assembly Line

A manufacturer's guide to scaling Industrial IoT


Authors: Andreas Behrendt, Enno de Boer, Tarek Kasah, Bodo Koerber, Niko Mohr, Gérard Richter

Topics: IIoT

Organizations: McKinsey

Despite tailwinds from declining compute power costs and improvements in IIoT integration, connectivity, and platform usability and management, few manufacturers have successfully scaled up their IIoT-enabled use cases in a way that achieves significant operational or financial benefits.

To understand the key enablers behind IIoT-based value capture at scale, we drew on our field work and extensive research of those companies successfully scaling IIoT to offer manufacturers ready-to-use guidance on strategically orienting their business, organization, and technology toward IIoT success.

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How Augmented Reality Became a Serious Tool for Manufacturing


Author: James R. Koelsch

Topics: augmented reality, IIoT

Organizations: Autodesk, AVEVA, Dassault Systemes, Emerson, Siemens

Making monsters appear in games like Pokémon Go is not the only application for augmented reality these days. Industry is using the technology too, harnessing CAD data for training workers, standardizing workflows, and enabling collaboration.

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GE to advance competitiveness of wind energy with 3D printed turbine blades


Author: Hayley Everett

Topics: 3D printing, additive manufacturing

Vertical: Electrical Equipment

Organizations: General Electric, Boeing

The project will initially produce a full-size 3D printed blade tip for structural testing, in addition to three blade tips to be installed on a wind turbine, with the hope of reducing manufacturing cost and increasing supply chain flexibility for the components.

“We are excited to partner with the DoE Advanced Manufacturing Office, as well as with our world class partners to produce a highly innovative advanced manufacturing and additive process to completely revolutionize the state of the art of wind blade manufacturing,” said Matteo Bellucci, GE Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Leader.

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Industrial DataOps: Unlocking Data and Analytics for Industry 4.0


Author: @billbither

Topics: cloud computing, edge computing, IIoT

Organizations: MachineMetrics

As an approach to data analytics, DataOps is all about reducing the time to high-accuracy analyses using automation, statistical process control, and agile methodologies so that manufacturers are able to use the data they collect quicker and with a higher degree of confidence.

The role of DataOps in Industry 4.0 is to take all of the info created and collected by machines, like IIoT devices, and effectively condense them into refined, usable business “fuel” to drive decision-making, rather than be left to sit in a data warehouse, unexamined.

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Analysing fruit data in the supply chain has never been more important for business efficiency


Author: Matt Russell

Topics: machine vision, quality assurance

Vertical: Food

Organizations: Tomra

Fruit and production data can be used in ways that it has never been done before to improve a company’s efficiency and boost profits, according to global packhouse equipment and automation supplier Tomra Food.

He added that there are several different useful data types at play in a packhouse; production and traceability level data, performance level data, quality data and auditing data. This data can be used to optimise the supply chain and can be used to make decisions and directions in terms of the next big thing that needs to be done. But consumer trends will constantly change the requirements of automation.