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Blue Yonder Announces Binding Agreement To Acquire One Network Enterprises for Approximately $839 Million To Create Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Ecosystem

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🔖 Topics: Supply Chain Control Tower

🏢 Organizations: Blue Yonder, One Network Enterprises

Blue Yonder, a leader in digital supply chain transformations, continues its forward momentum to revolutionize the supply chain and has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire One Network Enterprises (One Network) for approximately $839 million, subject to adjustments. One Network, provider of the Digital Supply Chain Network™, is known for its autonomous and resilience services and is a leading global provider of intelligent control towers. Upon completion, Blue Yonder will be well positioned to serve customers’ needs across planning, execution, commerce, and networks.

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Blue Yonder Acquires Flexis, a Leader in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Planning Technology

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🏢 Organizations: Blue Yonder, Flexis

Blue Yonder, a leading supply chain solutions provider, announced its acquisition of flexis AG, a flexible, innovative software technology provider specializing in production optimization and transportation planning and execution. With a robust customer base in the automotive and industrial original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sectors, flexis strengthens Blue Yonder’s capabilities to help companies with highly configurable products and expansive suppliers to plan and optimize their complex production facilities and network structures.

As companies continue the shift towards personalization, they are looking for ways to provide consumers with increased ability to tailor their product before it is built. flexis equips manufacturers with the ability to flexibly schedule and sequence orders on their assembly lines, as well as integrate with order management systems to balance and optimize production dates based on inventory availability, material constraints, transportation schedules, and production sequences.

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Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing: Tackling data accessibility in manufacturing alongside partners

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✍️ Author: Dominik Wee

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🏢 Organizations: Microsoft, Annata, Ansys, AVEVA, Blue Yonder, IBM, PTC, Rescale, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Sight Machine, Sitecore, Tulip

I’m very excited about all the updates being shared at Microsoft Inspire 2023, particularly about the announcement of the new AI Cloud Partner Program (MACPP) and the additional offerings and benefits this brings for partners. Under the MACPP, I’m thrilled to announce that we will be including manufacturing partner solutions through new independent software vendor (ISV) designations.

This designation represents our commitment to bringing the best partner solutions to our customers and provides a way for customers to identify proven partner solutions aligned with the Microsoft Cloud and our industry clouds. The designation validates that our partners’ solutions meet the high standards of data accessibility specific to the manufacturing industry.

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Walmart’s Massive Investment In A Supply Chain Transformation

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✍️ Author: Steve Banker

🏢 Organizations: Walmart, Blue Yonder, WITRON

Delivering many items ordered online quickly depends upon shorter lead times and the ability to support a variety of fulfillment options such as curbside pickup or ship from store. Distribution centers that traditionally just replenished a given set of stores will be increasingly asked to also fulfill ecommerce orders. Mid-mile and last mile transportation capabilities need to be improved. “That is a steep ask for any supply chain,” Mr. Guggina stated.

This is where Walmart seeks more “precision.” The use of demand management, inventory optimization, and replenishment applications can help this retail behemoth achieve much better inventory placement and fulfillment flexibility. Investing in supply chain applications also, Mr. Guggina asserts, helps them with their “relentless cost focus.”

Walmart is reducing packaging waste by right sizing packaging; for some products packaging might not be required at all. This initiative requires capturing product dimensions and other product attributes with higher accuracy. The packaging algorithms do not work if this data is not up to date.

In their distribution centers, Walmart is modernizing their warehouse management system (WMS). The system, which will launch later this year, will have better labor planning, as well as providing better inventory control.

Walmart is making extensive investments in warehouse automation. The company has deployed autonomous mobile robots for moving pallets. The retailer is also investing in the use of automation for picking/putting to and from containers. There are large investments in sortation equipment; sortation systems automatically sort products down the correct shute as they move through a warehouse on a conveyor. When it comes to these projects, warehouse control systems are used to interconnect the automation assets – the hardware - with the warehouse management system software.

Investment is being made in a highly automated warehousing solution from Witron surrounding produce. Vegetables and fruits will be able to be delivered more quickly and cheaply as a result.

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