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We build configuration solutions for manufacturing companies to master the challenges of getting configurable products and services to market faster, and to sell, manufacture, and service them more effectively. Trusted by global manufacturing companies for their mission-critical functions, our advanced configuration technology, Virtual Tabulation®, handles the most complex products on the market.

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What Is the Link between Digital Twin and Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

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Because Configuration Lifecycle Management provides a single source of truth on all valid, potential and available combinations of product components and options, it plays a key role in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of the product. When this information is shared with existing systems, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the entire organization operates from the same data, thus eliminating errors due to manual entries, data handover, multiple configuration data sources, and overlapping versions.

Manufacturers wanting to build a Digital Twin representation of each product delivered need access to the same, real-time configuration information. Since Configuration Lifecycle Management solutions are designed with open interfaces allowing integration with any platform, the Digital Twin can be hosted using any application, including a PLM system, a dedicated application, or a distributed model. The product configuration data remains maintained by the Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, easily accessed by the Digital Twin.

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Configit Joins Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner Program to Deliver Enhanced 3D Visualization

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Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced that it has joined the Unity Verified Solutions Partner (VSP) program. Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner team is performing quality assurance testing of the Configit Ace® API for Unity.

Verification means the Configit Ace® API is optimized for the latest Long-Term Support (LTS) and tech versions of the Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for developers. The API will be a verified solution for Unity developers.

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