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Financial Status VC-A; Knife Capital

DataProphet specializes in optimizing the complex manufacturing processes of key industrial verticals with state-of-the-art machine learning. Our AI-driven solutions leverage the existing data streams from your plant’s production line equipment to identify process efficiencies. High-impact adjustments are then prescribed, which guarantee ROI in the first year of deployment.

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Manufacturing Process Optimization in Times of Adversity

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For the current era, we can usefully define manufacturing process optimization like this:

  1. Digitally connected plant teams learning and implementing data-driven strategies that impact their manufacturing processes to minimize cost and maximize production toward peak operational efficiency.
  2. Using data-to-value technologies that integrate seamlessly with their legacy systems and progressively automate an end-to-end, continuous improvement, production loop — freeing manufacturers from a reactive troubleshooting paradigm so they can layer in further innovations toward the smart factory.

Through the above process, machine learning workflows are able to solve current generation data-readiness and production process optimization issues while future-proofing operations. By easing cost pressures and driving up revenue via data-driven production efficiencies (and with increasingly data-mature plant personnel), the C-suite is free to develop strategies with innovation managers. Together, they can combat the broader external challenges experienced by many manufacturers today.

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Change Management: Data Collaboration for AI-Enabled Factories

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AI prescriptions that optimize production are fueled by data factories already own. They are also based on processes with which manufacturers are intimate. For high-impact digital transformation, industrial AI specialists initiate and sustain collaborative relationships with subject matter experts (SMEs). These relationships foster mutual learning. Committed collaboration and knowledge sharing empowers manufacturers to integrate data-driven decision-making on the shop floor. In the process, they also develop the digital maturity mindset so critical to flourishing during manufacturing’s great technological reset.

Within a broader universal digital ecosystem, plant engineers, manufacturing executives, managers, and operators must forge their own path. At the level of production, this path harnesses computational thinking (i.e., to optimize processes continually with state-of-the-art technology. The best manufacturing leaders do this in a spirit of collaboration and continuous learning with AI specialists.

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DataProphet closes $10m investment to lead the Digital Maturity Journey for Manufacturers

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DataProphet, a world-leading AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) for manufacturing innovators, today announced the completion of its $10 million Series A funding round. Knife Capital led the round, joined by South Africa’s IDC and Norican – the world’s largest metal surface preparation and finishing equipment provider. The funding provides DataProphet with the capital to invest further in its award-winning industrial AI product set while facilitating targeted growth in selected geographies and manufacturing verticals.

“I am excited about the continued support DataProphet has received from Knife Capital. Going forward, we will use this additional funding to accelerate and expand into new markets, build new relationships aligned with our machine builder strategy, and further our global expansion. Another important pillar is bringing in top talent to build on this momentum.” says Frans Cronje, CEO of DataProphet.

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