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INTAMSYS all-in-one 3D printing solutions provide you with infinite possibilities in additive manufacturing to make life and work more customizable. Meeting the most demanding industrial standards, INTAMSYS 3D printers are optimized for applications in industries as diverse as consumer products to medical, oil & gas & aerospace. INTAMSYS (abbreviation of INTelligent Additive Manufacturing SYStems) is an industrial-grade 3D printer manufacturer and additive manufacturing solutions provider of affordable and reliable 3D printing with high-performance materials. Internationally, our company partners with industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge 3D printing solutions that are optimized for the specific needs of industries and organizations. Today, INTAMSYS 3D printers are trusted globally by industry leaders like Honeywell, Jabil, Bosch, FLEX, Sabic, UK Atomic Energy Authority, TE Connectivity, Stanford University, Tsinghua University and many others.

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Benefits of 3D Printed End-Use Parts in a Yacht

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🔖 Topics: additive manufacturing

🏭 Vertical: Ship and Boat

🏢 Organizations: INTAMSYS, Sea3D

3D printing allows the company to make any number of different parts to fit and match exactly with the various spaces onboard a yacht. The CAD model can be created according to the space allowed and fits the needed requirements. With the advancements in filaments and precise high-quality printers like the FUNMAT HT, Nick and Adam are able to have a high control on cost, produce parts faster than traditional manufacturing, and use materials that are better suited to the intended function than in conventional methods. The FUNMAT HT is an open material system that doesn’t come at an extra cost, thus allowing them to test many types of filaments.

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