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In situ infrared temperature sensing for real-time defect detection in additive manufacturing

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✍️ Authors: Rifat-E-Nur Hossain, Jerald Lewis, Arden L. Moore

🔖 Topics: additive manufacturing, defect detection

🏢 Organizations: Louisiana Tech University

Melt pool temperature is a critical parameter for the majority of additive manufacturing processes. Monitoring of the melt pool temperature can facilitate the real-time detection of various printing defects such as voids, over-extrusion, filament breakage, clogged nozzle, etc. that occur either naturally or as the result of malicious hacking activity. This study uses an in situ, multi-sensor approach for monitoring melt pool temperature in which non-contact infrared temperature sensors with customized field of view move along with the extruder of a fused deposition modeling-based printer and sense melt pool temperature from a very short working distance regardless of its X-Y translational movements. A statistical method for defect detection is developed and utilized to identify temperature deviations caused by intentionally implemented defects.

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