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Our mission is to improve the quality of life by making the world more productive and sustainable. We are committed to enabling the next generation of smart manufacturing. With the right strategy, talented people, and our substantial financial strength, we are dedicated to deliver value to our customers. When you invest in Rockwell Automation technology and solutions, you invest in the future of manufacturing.

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🦾 Rockwell Automation and Doosan Unite to Form Partnership

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Rockwell Automation, Doosan

Rockwell Automation announced signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Seoul-based Doosan Robotics (along with parent company Doosan Corporation), focusing on integrating the companies’ controllers and robots.

Under the agreement, Rockwell and Doosan also aim to innovate and create advanced technologies for smart factory establishment, automation facilities, and other customer-focused application areas. In addition to the Rockwell-Doosan MoU, 23 other MoUs were signed between South Korean and U.S. entities.

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🦾 Rockwell Automation Announces Strategic Investment in READY Robotics and Collaboration to Streamline Robot Implementation

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🔖 Topics: Funding Event

🏢 Organizations: Rockwell Automation, READY Robotics

Rockwell Automation, Inc., the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, announced today a strategic investment in READY Robotics, a pioneering company in software-defined automation and a Rockwell Technology Partner.

READY Robotics’ ForgeOS platform enables operators to control and program the most popular brands of robots from a single user-friendly interface with minimal training. Using Task Canvas, one of many useful ForgeOS Productivity Apps included with the platform, operators can quickly create new automation tasks with a powerful, no-code, flowchart-based interface.

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8th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report

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🏢 Organizations: Rockwell Automation, Plex

The 8th annual edition of the State of Smart Manufacturing Report from Rockwell Automation, in association with Sapio Research, surveyed the broadest audience yet, welcoming a more global population that represents the modern manufacturing industry. This report has expanded in scope from previous years, with quadruple the number of respondents across 13 of the top manufacturing countries.​

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Rockwell Automation Announces Acquisition of Knowledge Lens

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🔖 Topics: Acquisition

🏢 Organizations: Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced that it acquired Knowledge Lens. Based in Bengaluru, India, Knowledge Lens is a services and solutions provider that delivers actionable business insights from enterprise data, combining digital technologies with deep data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and engineering expertise. Knowledge Lens will join Rockwell’s premier digital services business, Kalypso, to accelerate transformational outcomes for more manufacturers around the world.

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Microsoft and Rockwell Automation collaborate on digital solutions for manufacturers

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Microsoft, Rockwell Automation

Microsoft and Rockwell Automation believe well-designed digital solutions can address operational, system, workforce, and scale needs at the same time. That’s why we have partnered to build digital solutions that deliver transformational outcomes with immediate value and long-term scale, resilience, and agility. By working together, we can leverage our respective strengths and expertise to develop solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers.

Microsoft and Rockwell Automation are jointly delivering edge-to-cloud products that help you manage and make sense of the data in your factory. The result is actionable insights that can improve your business operations.

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Rockwell Automation and Cognite Form a Strategic Partnership to Develop a Unified, Edge-to-Cloud Industrial Data Hub Offering for the Manufacturing Industry

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Rockwell Automation, Cognite, Schlumberger

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE:ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, and Cognite, a global leader in industrial data software, today announced a strategic partnership to further unlock the value of manufacturing data and accelerate technological change for the industry. The partnership combines Rockwell’s FactoryTalk® software offering of next-generation edge connectivity to plant assets, operations management applications, and industry-tailored analytics with Cognite’s leading Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, to create an industrial data hub ready for enterprise-wide scaling.

With one of the largest footprints in industrial automation, Rockwell products create and process data worldwide. The partnership between Rockwell and Cognite will bring to market a unique, unified, edge-to-cloud industrial data hub that makes operational, engineering, enterprise, and visual data understandable and comparable for manufacturing across industries. The offering will transform raw data into high-impact applications for real-time decision making and improved workflows that ensure safe, productive, and sustainable operations. With Cognite’s proven success in the Energy industry, this partnership will further enhance the edge-to-enterprise capabilities from Sensia, Rockwell’s joint venture with Schlumberger.

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Tech trends driving Industry to v5.0

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✍️ Author: Mike Bacidore

🔖 Topics: Industry v5

🏢 Organizations: Rockwell Automation

Remote connectivity, advanced engineering with multiple digital twins, mixing physical and digital assets, and the change of human-machine interaction are driving industry along that path toward Industry 5.0.

Perducat questioned whether it’s too soon to look at Industry 5.0 when all the promise of Industry 4.0 has not yet been delivered, but he identified five changes that are attainable and impactful in Frost & Sullivan’s comparison of Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0:

  • delivery of customer experience,
  • hyper customization,
  • responsive and distributed supply chain,
  • experience-activated (interactive) products, and
  • return of manpower to factories.

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