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In 2015, we launched a mission to eliminate unplanned downtime. Since then, we’ve evolved our predictive maintenance system, SAM4, into a robust and high-accuracy failure detection technology. Today, we are active across five continents for more than 80 customers—helping them reduce risk, lower costs, save energy and put an end to unplanned downtime.

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How the Water Industry Is Transforming Submersible Pump Maintenance With AI

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✍️ Author: Jordy Maurits

🔖 Topics: Electrical Signature Analysis, Predictive Maintenance

🏭 Vertical: Utility

🏢 Organizations: Samotics

A technology called electrical signature analysis (ESA) makes reliable, remote monitoring of submerged pumps possible. ESA measures the current and voltage being supplied to the motor driving the pump. Because it captures the electrical signals, ESA sensors are current and voltage probes that are installed in the motor control cabinet. This bypasses the need to install sensors on, or even near, submerged pumps.

One solution utility operators are increasingly deploying to improve the energy efficiency of pumps are variable frequency drives (VFDs). VFDs are a type of motor controller that drive an electric motor by varying the supply frequency. By matching fluctuating load and demand requirements, organizations can operate pumps more efficiently, saving energy and extending their lifetime.

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thyssenkrupp selects Samotics to increase reliability of its steel manufacturing process

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: thyssenkrupp, Samotics

thyssenkrupp Steel installed Samotics’ SAM4 Health solution as part of a proof-of-value pilot, initially monitoring 100 critical conveyor rolls at its Duisburg plant in Germany—Europe’s biggest steelmaking site. In the first few months of the pilot, the system detected multiple critical faults at an early stage including mechanical unbalance and bearing degradation. This enabled thyssenkrupp Steel to replace the affected machines before they failed, preventing significant unplanned downtime and its associated costs. After the initial success of the pilot project, thyssenkrupp extended the use of the SAM4 Health system and integrated it into its maintenance process.

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London Stansted Airport selects Samotics to increase reliability of critical baggage systems

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🏢 Organizations: Samotics

Samotics, a leading provider of real-time actionable insights to eliminate industrial energy waste and unplanned downtime, has been selected by London Stansted Airport to help reduce airport delays for its 27+ million annual travelers by improving the reliability of critical baggage handling equipment.

One of the main barriers to reducing delays at airports is baggage handling equipment failures. During peak seasons, baggage handling functions run at 150% capacity, leaving no room for downtime. When equipment unexpectedly malfunctions, it causes significant delays to boarding and reclaiming luggage.

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ABB partners with Samotics to expand its condition monitoring services

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: ABB, Samotics

ABB and Samotics, a leading provider of ESA technology that is a high-growth scaleup company based in the Netherlands, have entered a strategic long-term partnership to provide enhanced condition monitoring services. The approach will leverage each company’s capabilities to deliver more insight into machine health and energy efficiency. As a first step, ABB will integrate Samotics’ plug-and-play monitoring solution into its digital portfolio. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Samotics’ technology is complementary to the well-established ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring service for powertrains, a sensor-based solution that analyzes the health and performance of rotating equipment. Samotics’ SAM4 technology, based on electrical signature analysis (ESA), will expand ABB’s application of asset health monitoring of motor-driven industrial equipment as it does not rely on mounting sensors in the field. This means that SAM4 can be deployed on machines in harsh and submerged environments.

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Yorkshire Water awards £10M analysis contract to Samotics

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🏢 Organizations: Samotics, Yorkshire Water

After a competitive bid process, Yorkshire Water selected Samotics’s SAM4 as its ESA technology of choice. Samotics will monitor assets across the full sewage network, which is made up of over 1,000 stations, delivering services to 5.2 million customers and 140,000 businesses. The initial contract win is for 36 months, with the potential to extend by an additional 24 months.

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Detecting low-flow cavitation using predictive maintenance system SAM4

Samotics Completes Series A Funding Round to Lead Fight Against Industrial Energy Waste

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🔖 Topics: funding event

🏢 Organizations: Samotics, 83North

Samotics, a leading provider of real-time actionable insights to eliminate industrial energy waste and unplanned downtime, has completed a EUR 14.5 million Series A funding round. The round was led by 83North, a global venture capital firm with a proven track record in building category leaders across multiple domains including Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

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Condition monitoring in steel mills: 3 fault detections

How Anglian Water is solving its submerged pumps’ condition monitoring challenges