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What’s Next to Interact with Industrial Robots


Human interaction with industrial robots has been limited over the last 50 years. Imitation learning, cobots, and natural language processing are enabling new human-machine interactions. Elsewhere AI techniques continue to adapt to industrial needs.

Assembly Line

Applying deep learning to sensor data to support workers in manufacturing

📅 Date:

✍️ Author: Yuichi Sakurai

🔖 Topics: cyber-physical systems, convolutional neural network

🏢 Organizations: Hitachi

To achieve next-generation production systems and Multiverse Mediation with CPSs, 4M (huMan, Machine, Material, and Method) work transitions need to be clarified and used more accurately. However, traditional systems cannot detect deviations in manual procedures. To resolve these issues, we are developing a highly accurate detection technology for “human work”. Figure 2 shows the assembly cells considered in this study.

Compared to conventional approaches, we achieved a 15% reduction in product assembly time and a deviation detection leak of almost zero (more than 95% work identification accuracy). These results demonstrated the potential for our system to efficiently and effectively support manufacturing workers and contribute to greater efficiency and quality management in the assembly of complex equipment.

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