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Paperless Manufacturing: The Hidden ROI

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✍️ Author: Anisha Padamshi

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🏒 Organizations: Parsable

When you look at the dynamic nature of manufacturing operations and all the stakeholders involved that need to collaborate and share information successfully, the benefits of a paperless environment extend beyond the shop floor. As manufacturers continually look at ways to cut costs and operate more efficiently, the easy answer to that is: going paperless.

You can eliminate a portion of your overhead costs, enhance productivity and help out the environment. Going paperless may seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier to implement than you think.

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How Delphi Technologies Reduced Scrap and Improved Transparency with Smart Work Station

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🏭 Vertical: Automotive

🏒 Organizations: Andonix, BorgWarner

In Delphi’s Torreon Plant, they manufacture sensors with specific elements that detect specific changes or issues in how the engine is working. Due to untracked quality issues and incorrect parameters, they were producing a higher than acceptable volume of scrap, from which it was not possible to recover materials. While these quality issues did not impact customers, they led to increased materials costs. They believed they could reduce the volume of scrap by tracking and addressing key elements of the production process, but did not have a software tool that supported that level of granularity. They selected Smart Work Station to address the problem.

Smart Work Station offers Delphi the flexibility to document key elements of the process on the floor, including the recording of personalized data to correlate with performance and quality metrics. Using checklists and digital work instructions, they have been able to ensure consistent execution of processes and measure the results of those efforts.

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