Electrical Signature Analysis

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How the Water Industry Is Transforming Submersible Pump Maintenance With AI

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✍️ Author: Jordy Maurits

🔖 Topics: Electrical Signature Analysis, Predictive Maintenance

🏭 Vertical: Utility

🏢 Organizations: Samotics

A technology called electrical signature analysis (ESA) makes reliable, remote monitoring of submerged pumps possible. ESA measures the current and voltage being supplied to the motor driving the pump. Because it captures the electrical signals, ESA sensors are current and voltage probes that are installed in the motor control cabinet. This bypasses the need to install sensors on, or even near, submerged pumps.

One solution utility operators are increasingly deploying to improve the energy efficiency of pumps are variable frequency drives (VFDs). VFDs are a type of motor controller that drive an electric motor by varying the supply frequency. By matching fluctuating load and demand requirements, organizations can operate pumps more efficiently, saving energy and extending their lifetime.

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