Machine Design

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Getting up to Speed: Understanding ball screw potential and limitations


Authors: Thaniel Smith, Ian Miller

Topics: machine design

Organizations: Motion Industries, Thomson Industries

The ability to operate consistently at higher speeds is why motion system designers often specify ball screws over lead screws. However, ball screws have speed limitations of their own. Understanding those will help you optimize ball screw assembly performance in applications ranging from small laboratory fluid pumps to large overhead gantries and high-performance machinery.

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A digital twin solved the risks associated with the 50m smart patching line made by Raute


Author: Ville Paso

Topics: digital twin, machine design

Vertical: Wood

Organizations: Siemens, Raute

The project consists of a digital twin and virtual commissioning of the production line to secure the project delivery for the new designed machine sections (material infeed and baseplate removal) of a patching line. Different scenarios could be created with the digital twin to optimize the design (i.e. avoidance of mechanical collisions etc.) and validate the concept before manufacturing the real machine sections.

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