Simulation-led Design

Assembly Line

From Drafter to Innovator: The Evolution of the Design Engineer

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✍️ Author: Robert Farrell

πŸ”– Topics: Simulation-led Design

🏒 Organizations: PTC, Ansys, American Axle

The seeds of modern design were sown in 1765 by Gaspard Monge. The French mathematician is widely credited as the founder of descriptive geometry and technical drawing.

Simulation-led design (SLD) is advancing innovation by empowering designers with the ability to explore many more design options without adding time or cost. SLD not only reduces costs but optimizes product performance and advances innovation by allowing designers to digitally explore substantially more product design iterations by asking β€œwhat if?” and getting the answers quickly. Furthermore, as these designs have been more thoroughly validated against the requirements, failures in the field are reduced, which of course reduces product recalls and warranty costs.

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