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Berlin, Germany

VC-A; Merus Capital

We seek to democratize quality assurance automation in manufacturing and assembly by self-implementable machine vision software that can be quickly integrated with any image acquisition hardware. Thus, manufacturers can leverage existing hardware investments, increasing their return on investment by making their cameras smart and smart cameras smarter with guaranteed detection accuracy.

Assembly Line

Automation Within Supply Chains: Optimizing the Manufacturing Process

Computer Vision Advances Zero-Defect Manufacturing


Organizations: Relimetrics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

A key part of the process it wanted to automate is server assembly quality assurance, which was being done manually by quality operators. This labor-intensive process is prone to error due to human eye fatigue and the inability of quality operators to catch critical defects.

This situation is hardly unusual. According to Kemal Levi, Founder and CEO of Relimetrics, there is “a strong demand for computer vision to replace manual visual inspections. Yet, due to a high production variability, particularly in the case of discrete manufacturing, computer vision systems today are not able to keep up with the rate of change in configurations.”

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