Zero Defect Manufacturing

Assembly Line

Industry 4.0 and the pursuit of resiliency

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✍️ Author: Kate Carroll de Gutes

🔖 Topics: Zero Defect Manufacturing, Visual Inspection, Asset Performance Management

🏢 Organizations: IBM

There are two parts to the Zero D story. Visual inspection and asset performance management (APM). Visual inspection uses computer vision models focused on quality inspection. APM uses machine learning models based on time series data to determine health of assets and probable failures in the future. Toyota is using Maximo Visual Inspection, and now they are also using the Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) suite. They tested Maximo APM on some of their machinery that does liquid cooling and found that was another problem area for them. By implementing the software into this pilot, they are now able to monitor the asset health 24×7 and predict probability of failure in the future.

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