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ThroughPut Inc. Announces Partnership with project44 to Unleash AI-Powered Supply Chain Capacity and Profitability


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: ThroughPut, project44

ThroughPut Inc., the industrial AI supply chain pioneer, today announced that it has entered into a technology partnership with project44, the global leader in supply chain visibility, to unlock supply chain profitability amid disruptions and global port congestion.

The partnership will empower mutual customers to not only plan logistics fulfillment effectively and efficiently, but also to forecast demand accurately with AI-powered insights and recommendations for rapid supply chain revenue rationalization. The joint solution will enable businesses to quickly leverage project44 platform’s purchase order and sales data to sense and predict demand at a local level, audit material flow to drive efficiencies and achieve On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) deliveries at a supplier and product level.

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Lockheed Martin, Microsoft announce landmark agreement on classified cloud, advanced technologies for Department of Defense


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Lockheed Martin, Microsoft

Lockheed Martin is the first defense industrial base member to use Microsoft’s newest National Industrial Security Program (NISP) framework for air-gapped clouds after a year-long pilot. Work on developing the classified and unclassified cloud environments is already underway, with expectations for the project to be operational in 2023.

Microsoft’s first-of-its-kind technology will allow Lockheed Martin to dynamically scale IT demands under authorized guidance and directly operate mission workloads inside Azure Government Secret, including highly restricted special programs.

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Sustainable Wooden Turbine Blades for the Wind Energy Industry


Topics: Partnership

Vertical: Wood

Organizations: Stora Enso, Voodin Blades

Stora Enso and Voodin Blade Technology GmbH have signed a partnership agreement to develop sustainable wind turbine blades from wood. Under the agreement, the two companies are committed to developing sustainable alternatives for wind turbine blades and creating a competitive and reliable supply chain. They are currently producing and installing a 20 m blade for a 0.5 MW turbine and have plans for an 80 m blade.

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Accenture and Siemens: Tackling industrial machinery challenges through Intelligent Service and Asset Lifecycle (ISAL)


Authors: Till Habel, Torsten Beste, Christopher Pennington

Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Accenture, Siemens

The industrial machinery industry is being transformed by global supply chain disruptions, changes to equipment practices and a push for greater sustainability. Executives seeking to adapt to the shifting landscape need reliable partners and world-class solutions.

Accenture and Siemens can partner with industrial machinery manufacturers to help manage this period of transformation. This post discusses trends in the sector, the Intelligent Service and Asset Lifecycle (ISAL) solution and the role Accenture and Siemens play to support a new direction for industrial machinery companies.

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LG, Altair build AI-powered validation platform for automotive parts


Topics: Partnership

Vertical: Automotive

Organizations: LG, Altair

LG Electronics Inc., an industry frontrunner in applying artificial intelligence to home appliances, said on Wednesday it has joined forces with Altair Engineering Inc., a US tech firm, in developing an AI-powered validation platform for automotive parts.

Integrating AI technology into the vehicle component development process will provide LG’s clients with more reliable and high-quality solutions for products, including infotainment systems, LG said. The South Korean electronics company said the new platform leverages a machine learning algorithm to accurately predict and measure product performance from an early stage of the design validation process.

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Dyndrite and SLM Solutions set to cooperate on full support for SLM Solutions metal 3D printing machines


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Dyndrite, SLM Solutions

Dyndrite has announced a collaboration with SLM Solutions to support the SLM file format within Dyndrite’s Application Development Kit (ADK). SLM says that through Dyndrite, its customers will be able to design parameters based on unique aspects, or their unique needs, developing new IP, protecting any know-how, and gaining competitive advantage.

Dyndrite’s ADK provides GPU-powered 3D CAD-to-print software development. The company also provides the software power for generating toolpaths and rasterizing 3D data for additive manufacturing processes, including photopolymers and laser powder bed. Also, through an integrated Python API, the company says it brings full automation of CAD-to-print data workflows at a speed that can meet challenging data requirements.

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Clean Connect AI Collaborates with Cognite to Provide Vision-Based Autonomous Operation and Emissions Applications


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Clean Connect AI, Cognite

Clean Connect AI Inc, a Colorado-based hardware-enabled SaaS software company serving the energy and industrial automation industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Cognite, a global leader in industrial software, to provide vision-based autonomous operation and emissions applications that will optimize industrial operations and enable manage-by-exception efficiencies at scale.

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Comau and Siemens collaborate to integrate robotics and artificial intelligence in the PLC


Topics: Partnership, Programmable Logic Controller

Organizations: Siemens, Comau

SIMATIC Robot Library and the “Comau Next Generation Programming Platform” use Profinet’s “Standard Robot Command Interface,” a growing industrial communication protocol. Thanks to this standard, manufacturing companies can quickly and easily program and manage Comau robots using Siemens software and control systems. As the integration and automation between the Siemens PLC and the robotic controller do not require prior knowledge in robotic programming the solution reduces work time and costs, increasing production efficiency.

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Rockwell Automation and Cognite Form a Strategic Partnership to Develop a Unified, Edge-to-Cloud Industrial Data Hub Offering for the Manufacturing Industry


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Rockwell Automation, Cognite, Schlumberger

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE:ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, and Cognite, a global leader in industrial data software, today announced a strategic partnership to further unlock the value of manufacturing data and accelerate technological change for the industry. The partnership combines Rockwell’s FactoryTalk® software offering of next-generation edge connectivity to plant assets, operations management applications, and industry-tailored analytics with Cognite’s leading Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, to create an industrial data hub ready for enterprise-wide scaling.

With one of the largest footprints in industrial automation, Rockwell products create and process data worldwide. The partnership between Rockwell and Cognite will bring to market a unique, unified, edge-to-cloud industrial data hub that makes operational, engineering, enterprise, and visual data understandable and comparable for manufacturing across industries. The offering will transform raw data into high-impact applications for real-time decision making and improved workflows that ensure safe, productive, and sustainable operations. With Cognite’s proven success in the Energy industry, this partnership will further enhance the edge-to-enterprise capabilities from Sensia, Rockwell’s joint venture with Schlumberger.

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Siemens, Gecko Robotics Develop Ultrasonic Maintenance Robots


Author: Scarlett Evans

Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Gecko Robotics, Siemens

Siemens has announced a three-year collaboration with Gecko Robotics to develop and roll out ultrasonic robotic inspection services across Europe. The partners say the inspections will be a game-changer for the future of infrastructure inspections and maintenance across a range of industries such as power generation and the oil and gas sector. Under the collaboration, Gecko Robotics will provide its remote-controlled robots fitted with ultrasonic transducers, localization sensors, lasers and H cameras. The spider-like robots adhere to the surface of different equipment types, moving horizontally or vertically across the equipment while scanning it for any signs of wear and tear, with managers able to monitor corrosion trends over time and predict necessary maintenance.

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Siemens and Desktop Metal begin partnership with aim of accelerating sustainable additive manufacturing at scale


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Siemens, Desktop Metal

Siemens and Desktop Metal have announced a multi-faceted partnership aimed at accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing for production applications with a focus on the world’s largest manufacturers.

The collaboration will touch multiple aspects of the Desktop Metal business. This includes increased integration of Siemens technology in Desktop Metal’s AM 2.0 systems, including operational technology, information technology and automation. Desktop Metal says its solutions will be fully integrated into Siemens simulation and planning tools for machine and factory design. Siemens Digital Twin tools will now be used for designing certain machines, and Siemens Advanta can simulate all levels of the binder jetting process and global plant planning, which Siemens says enables fast and reliable decisions for factory planning.

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Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft collaborate to boost efficiency, resilience and sustainability in car production


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft

Mercedes-Benz production staff gets access to the MO360 Data Platform via a self-service portal available on any company device including tablets, smartphones and laptops. Its visualization with Microsoft Power BI provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience, allowing employees to become data workers with the ability to model and correlate data. The Teams Walkie Talkie app provides workers with an instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication on their business phones — no extra device needed.

With the MO360 Data Platform, teams at Factory 56 have shortened their daily shop floor meeting by 30%. In addition, they identify priority tasks to optimize production workflows within two minutes, which took up to four hours prior to the introduction of the platform. From team leads and process engineers to shop and plant managers, employees are encouraged to contribute new use cases to drive process innovation with Microsoft Power Platform.

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Capgemini and Microsoft collaborate to offer Digital Twin Solutions


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Capgemini, Microsoft

Capgemini today announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft to deliver a first-of-its kind, cloud-native, serverless Azure-based digital twin platform, called ReflectIoD. This secure, highly scalable platform will leverage best-in-class architecture and technological components from the Azure suite to help transform an organization’s operations and maintenance efficiency, enabling intelligent industry and driving sustainable business value. It will also enable enterprises to meet the ever-growing needs of standardized brownfields management[1] throughout their life cycle and across ecosystems.

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Makersite partners with Autodesk to bring sustainability into product design


Topics: Partnership, Sustainability

Organizations: Makersite, Autodesk

Exciting news for the product design world: In our new partnership with Autodesk, the leader in product design software, Makersite combines environmental impact and cost data with Autodesk Fusion 360’s product design data.

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ABB partners with Samotics to expand its condition monitoring services


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: ABB, Samotics

ABB and Samotics, a leading provider of ESA technology that is a high-growth scaleup company based in the Netherlands, have entered a strategic long-term partnership to provide enhanced condition monitoring services. The approach will leverage each company’s capabilities to deliver more insight into machine health and energy efficiency. As a first step, ABB will integrate Samotics’ plug-and-play monitoring solution into its digital portfolio. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Samotics’ technology is complementary to the well-established ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring service for powertrains, a sensor-based solution that analyzes the health and performance of rotating equipment. Samotics’ SAM4 technology, based on electrical signature analysis (ESA), will expand ABB’s application of asset health monitoring of motor-driven industrial equipment as it does not rely on mounting sensors in the field. This means that SAM4 can be deployed on machines in harsh and submerged environments.

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Novo Nordisk and Microsoft collaborate to accelerate drug discovery and development using big data and artificial intelligence


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Novo Nordisk, Microsoft

Novo Nordisk and Microsoft have entered a new strategic collaboration to combine Microsoft’s computational services, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) with Novo Nordisk’s drug discovery, development and data science capabilities.

Through the partnership, Microsoft is providing AI technology, foundational science models and expertise and is working alongside Novo Nordisk’s data scientists and domain experts from early research and development areas to accelerate Novo Nordisk’s R&D.

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Industrial robotics and generation change ahead


Author: Frankie Youd

Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Kawasaki Robotics, Realtime Robotics

Realtime Robotics, a specialist in autonomous motion planning for industrial robots, has announced partnership with Kawasaki Robotics on a project that aims to automate the programming, deployment and control of its industrial robots.

The main benefits include an 80 to 90% reduction in robot programming time, freeing scarce robotic engineers to focus on automating the 90% of auto manufacturing that is still manual. The technology can establish a 100% reduction of line downtime and related costs due to robot collisions, and help optimize the work cell footprint, reduce electric consumption, and lower maintenance costs through reinforcement learning-based optimization software that can iterate hundreds of thousands of options to minimize these cost factors in only a few hours.

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Configit Joins Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner Program to Deliver Enhanced 3D Visualization


Topics: Partnership

Organizations: Configit, Unity

Configit, the global leader in Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), today announced that it has joined the Unity Verified Solutions Partner (VSP) program. Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner team is performing quality assurance testing of the Configit Ace® API for Unity.

Verification means the Configit Ace® API is optimized for the latest Long-Term Support (LTS) and tech versions of the Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for developers. The API will be a verified solution for Unity developers.

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